10 Oct 2012

My beach art gallery at Telicherry, Kerala

Sometime in January this year, a group of colleagues holidayed at a drive-in beach in Telicherry (Thalassery) in Kerala. It was an annual trip holiday by my company, so it was time for a party!
The name of the beach is a little difficult on the tongue, hence I am not able to name it. We stayed in a lovely home stay, which was made entirely out of bamboo, just overlooking the beach.

The next morning, the sound of the waves tempted me to take a walk down the beach, sit on a bench by the sea and write a nice story in my book. I set off, armed with my sketch book and colored pens. This is what I ended up doing, instead.

I have posted two videos from my trip. The first video is about my spontaneous doodles on the sand and the second one captures my love for water! :p
Oh! And thankfully, there is no video of what happened afterwards, as minutes, or rather milli-seconds after I took the videos, I ran into the water, and lost my spongebob squarepants blue sunglasses. They were one of my most prized possessions, and my favourite fashion accessory (whether you agree or not). May your soul rest in peace, dear beloved sunglasses. There will be no other like you!