10 Oct 2012

Behind bars...err..bars!

During my visit to Kerala, I spotted many local Government toddy shops with people lined up outside in a queue. These shops looked a lot like enquiry counters you find at trains stations and old theaters in India- grilled with wires and a little mouse hole to pay money. I was quite amused by this sight and it made me wonder if they are hiding some national treasure inside! This doodle came to my mind at that time.


  1. Wonderful creative - Dad

  2. Wonderful Creative - Dad

  3. Hi Jineesha,

    Simply superb! Do you draw this on paper and scan it or is it entirely digital?


  4. @srizah thanks for liking my posts. its motivating. yes i generally doodle on paper (always carry coloured pens) and scan them, or photograph them.

    off late, ive started experimenting with adding backgrounds and this one is a tissue paper image i edited.

    also experimenting now with doodles on illustrator using a brush. trying to develop a distinct style.

  5. interesting post
    thanks for sharing