8 Oct 2012

Subah ho gayi maamu!

This post is about a breakfast joint in Bangalore in a place called Malleshwaram. Tucked away into a maze of tiny by lanes is this 'kutti' little eatery called Veena Stores. Once you have their soft idlis, you'll never have idlis elsewhere. You will always find a guy standing with a bucket full of fresh, minty green chutney, in unlimited supply. The sambar and chutney are Jain. No onion, no garlic. Veena Store wadas are crispy and make a 'krrrrr' sounds the minute you bite into it. The 'Kara bath' (upma) and 'Sevige bath' are also popular. And no breakfast is complete without some South-Indian style filter cappe. I always have two filter cappees every time I go there. This place is a discovery by my friend Aditya, who jumps at the name of 'Veena Stores'and swears by it. I remember the numerous times we have impulsively headed off to Veena Stores for a great way to start the day. Every time I go there, I am tempted to ask the shop keeper, "Saar, undo bucket chutney! Yeshtu?" Meaning, "Sir, can I have a bucket of chutney? How much?" A must try. But be there by sunrise, else you might return empty handed and with an empty stomach. Co- ordinates: 183, 15th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram , Bangalore.


  1. Only for foodies at an unearthly hour, when even the sun is not awake