17 Sep 2009

Tol mol ke bol

Indians are so used to bargaining (in ever aspect of life).

It's not unusual to bargain in local shops. Places like Linking Road and Fashion Street in Mumbai are popular for cheap bargains. But the trouble is, we apply these laws to everything...why should there be any exceptions? So when we go to a super mall, we forget that there is something called an MRP. Maximum Retail Price. Its NON- BARGAINABLE and we know it. But then we apply the fundaa of 'You don't ask, you don't get!"

I used to work in a retail store for pocket money after college, while studying in London and I was working with a lot of people from different nationalities. July is the time when loads of Indians travel to UK/ Europe. Thats the time when there are massive sales and the tourists shop like there's no tomorrow.
One time, a Punjabi family came over to speak to me. I had noticed them huddled in a corner and discussing among themselves as to who should come and talk to me. So, a lady with a black sweater and long plated hair came upto me and sweet talked me, got me answering questions about some of the beauty products in store and then her husband came up to me and said," Madamji...aap Indian ho?" I said, "Yes, of course". He goes, " Bus to ho gayi baat, aap bhi Indian, hum bhi Indian, give me 20% discount!" I was like, "Listen dude, I don't own this store and I can't give you a discount". He goes, "accha! to fir 10% de dijeye! Nahi? Chalo paanch kar do! Paanch madam, naa aapka na mera! Paanch mei round up kar do!" I refused and they were following me all over the store asking for a discount over a sale item (bubble bath). By this time I was helplessly looking for my fellow staffers who were really pitying me. One came to my rescue and said "Sorry sir, this piece is a sample  on display and we can't sell it to you anyway!"

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  1. Not so sure about London but in India MRP is bargain-able.
    MRP expands to Maximum Retail Price i.e. maximum price a retailer can ask for while selling it so its definitely not a bad idea to bargain for it.
    As for the family who was stalking you :), that's really objectionable :D