17 Sep 2009

Fast or slow?

In Mumbai, life depends on local trains. People seem to own them! If you thought it was supposed to be 'public property', then you need to travel in one! Like if you get into to a Virar fast...I wouldn't be sure if you would come out alive, or even come out, for that matter!

This one time I had my laptop bag with me in the crowded train, they yelled at me for bringing a 'huge suitcase' along! "Throw it out!", they said. The other time I got into a similar train, I could barely even get off at Dadar...when I fell out, two bags (one in each hand) + my ipod headfones were stuck inside, not to mention the people yelling! I was glad to come out alive.

Also, the ladies compartment is the most noisiest and busiest, but its fun to observe as well. You can do your accessory shopping, grocery shopping, all of it on your way home! But don't forget to carry a deo in your bag. Always.

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