17 Sep 2009

Live to eat!

Indians are foodies by default and there are no exceptions. I was traveling by train on a holiday and while we were peacefully munching peanuts, there was a family sitting opposite us and they had more luggage than entire compartment's put together.
As soon as it was 10 o' clock, out came a flask.
Next came two jumbo-sized steel tiffins with four floors-complete with dal, rice, roti and pulses.
Next came out a plastic bag with home- made papad.
Wait, it doesn't end here.

Two tiny plastic boxes with chopped onions and sliced lemons (toppings for the papad).
Oops... I forgot to mention the three bottles of 'achaar' individually wrapped in white polythene bags. One bisleri bottle filled with orange fluid (probably Rasna orange).
One bag full of paper plates, another full of plastics cups and spoons.
A huge round Kelvinator water cooler kept under the seat, was pulled out to wash down all the food.

This event lasted for more than an hour.
I was watching, amused with all that was happening and then dozed off.
When i woke up, they were still eating! This time it was 'vadapav and samosas with mirchi'. We have this 'Anytime- anywhere' motto when it comes to food. Be it the beaches of Goa, or the palaces in Udaipur, or an SOTC trip to Europe. When it comes to food, our mentality is more or less like the Hutch pug in the Vodafone commercial...'wherever we go, our tiffin follows!"

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