22 Sep 2009

Smile please!

So, we had to go shopping for an event- Neena, Gayatri and me (Oh my! You gals are becoming a regular feature on my blog) went to a few shopping malls in Andheri? Malad? Either one. So, the two gals were hungry and we went to the food court to eat something. As we were going up the escalator, we spotted a photo booth which made sketches.
Silly that we are, we got all excited and got together to negotiate a price with the sales guy there. We were in our own masti and I think that guy just wanted us to go. Neena somehow managed to look taller than me ;) ;) ;). We were so excited we couldn't even wait for the thingy to print. It's not like we've never seen a photo booth before or like we've never been photographed...we are just plain MAD when we are all together!

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