22 Sep 2009

Mad over donuts

I guess donuts need to feature on my blog at least once with / without reference to context. This place 'Mad Over Donuts' at Carter Road, Bandra has the most amazing mouth-watering donuts of all kinds.
I usually get looney over the Bavarian one. Its got a dark chocolate layer on the top with a spider web design and its got white chocolate inside! Yummmyyyyylicious is not the word!

One time that I was dying for donuts, it was almost 11.00 pm and I got my mum to come along and she really thought I was insane to drive all the way to Bandra just for a donut (I refused to wait for the next day) and I didn't even know the way! I don't mind getting lost while trying to hunt for donuts! What's more, mum ensured I bought six of them, lest I dragged her all the way back again the next day!

Now you know who I'm going to take along every time I want a donut! :P :P

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