22 Sep 2009

Freaking out on toast!

One of the crazy days when Gayatri, Neena and I reached a creative (if you will) mind-block. So off we went for some fresh air and peanuts. So we had some peanuts and conversation and poor Gayatri was torn between the peanuts and some jam cheese sandwich. She finally settled down on a toast sandwitch. Obviously Neena and I werent  going to stand there watching. So we asked for some butter toast.

Then Gayatri goes,"Hey have you tried my cheese jam toast?"
"Ok. 2 butter toasts. 2 jam cheese toasts, please!"
That was the most delicious thing!
This one ended up being a sandwich binging session. Next time try the jam cheese toast when your brain is tired!

This post is a tribute to the jam- cheese sandwich. I think it deserves it glory.

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