9 Jul 2011

Son-in-Law ice-cream

Another strange name I came across in Chennai. Jamaai in Gujarathi / Hindi literally means 'son-in-law'. Thats the first association that came to my mind when I read the signage and immediately I cracked up at the thought! Like, I mean who in his right mind would name an ice-cream (of all things!) like this? Then, on second thoughts, it could even mean 'jamaai' in Hindi meaning 'the process of freezing', which seemed like a possible explanation to this. But then, why give a Hindi name to a brand in South India. I mean, there are no rules, but...well, never mind! So I said to myself, I think too much (for all the wrong reasons), so I just laughed at it again, clicked a picture, asked for one of the tacky ice- creams and walked away!

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