10 Jul 2011

Chai Patty Teafe

Sid and I were in Indiranagar (Bangalore) and were hungry (as usual. Boy! This does make us sound like gluttons right?) We randomly stopped by for some chai only to say," Hey wait! this looks pretty cool!" There were yellow walls (my favourite), cane furniture, low seating, an easel (I'm impressed), and lots of accessories and toys which looked 'very Delhi'. Then we realized that these items were created by a brand called 'The Colour Caravan' and they were on sale. I remember seeing those items at 'Delhi Haat'. Anyway,we got egg omlettes with flax seed wheat bread, chai in a 'kullad'(50 bucks!), and milkshake in a tradition Indian milk bottle. It was so old school :) But the Gujju in me laughed at the sight of 'Chai and Snakes' image that was painted on the wall!

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  1. Thanks for the mention dear. Do drop by again :)