21 Feb 2011

Random truck art :) :)

I was returning from Deolali (Nashik) to Mumbai by bus and I was happily sitting on a cloud watching the earth with a pair of binoculars in fairyland (I was fast asleep), when my sister shook me and said,"Jinxxx!!! Jinxxx!!! Wake up! Our bus has broken down! Do you even know? We have been stuck here for more than an hour. Log kehte hai clutch plate toot gaya hai!" (it was totally ROFL!)
"Whatttttt!! Where! Why! How!Yeh sab hamaare saath kyu hota hai?", I said, rubbing my eyes, crash landing from the cloud back into the exisiting world of chaos, like Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Networkk! Peeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!! Dhisshhhhh!

I scowled, as my thoughts went back to the ticket agent who tricked us into hopping onto this tacky bus by telling us its leaving now! In 15 minutes. Hurry! And we took the horrible bus which had seat numbers(1,2,3,4) printed on the tickets and alphabets printed on the seats (A, B, C, D), just to save time. I mentally congratulated him for putting us in this situation!

As I pulled back the dull brown curtains (which the designer in me thought didn't go very well), I was treated with this sight! Sheer delight and a smile on my face! Needless to say, this deserved a 'Click! Click!'

Isn't the podgy uncle with a wrist watch, moochi and 'telkat'(oiled) hair-style, just a perfect endorsement for a body builder! ;) ;) lolz... I just love India! It's full of surprises! Jai Hind! :)

Now a friend tells me, its not 'some' podgy uncle...its Chandrashekhar Azad. but what has that got to do with being a body- builder? Maybe I'm missing a point here.

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