8 Nov 2010

We won at the street painting event !!! Whoppieeee :) :)

Here's what we did for a street painting event held in Vile Parle, Mumbai. The residents of the locality were asked to do-up the place by painting the walls. I helped my mama (my uncle) to do his bit, and this is what we came up with!

I was very amused by the reactions of the passer-bys. Firstly, they had a problem with the number 9. I don't understand why they were trying to read 2090 in Hindi/ Marathi. They kept calling it 2010!!
Next, they thought the water drop meant deforestation!! Don't give me the puzzled look! I don't know why!!!
Then came the poor lil' fish. Somebody called it an ALIEN. By then I was going to sob!!

My mama's conclusion was that maybe its too early in the morning for people to think!
My conclusion was that where there's mama, there's bound to be drama! Ha! It rhymes and its soooper cheeky :)

Finally, the thirsty fish won. We got the award for the best concept!! Hip! Hip! Hurray! Now that's a happily happy me :)

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  1. Mansi GandhiMarch 01, 2011

    Mama haiii toh drama toh hona hi chaiye!! ;) hehehe