8 Nov 2010

Rangoli: doodle ishtyle # 1

Rangoli is a decorative form of art which is very popular all over India. What I love about it is the use of so many colours. I love colour! The more, the merrier!:)

So, why do a 'Doodle Rangoli'?
Michael, my tutor for Advertising school in London, always said that there is always what he called as 'the Jineesha touch' to everything that I do, which makes it a lil' 'hat-ke' (different). And this applies not only to my work, but to every small thing I do.
Ditto here.

Traditionally, Rangoli patterns are either geometric (floral and abstract) or symbolic( Goddess Lakshmi, the kalash, etc). Since Jineesha can't do anything normally, here's what she came up with!
Gandhi family goes to the moon on a desi rocket!! Oooopsss, I forgot to add dad's glasses and my sister's cell phone (she's constantly on it)! Don't ask me why we are headed in the opposite direction! And Oh wait! I hope that rocket doesn't explode on the way, else we will crash land on our building terrace :) Bon Voyage!!


  1. Dude I love it! But why does it rest in the CC???!!!

  2. Mansi GandhiMarch 01, 2011

    Sister is constantly on the cell fone.. Who.. me!!?!?!?!?

  3. @Svati: coz its a home for all the creative ideas! :)