5 Oct 2009

It was 3.oo pm in the afternoon and I was feeling lazy. The sofa was cozy and I was watching ' Jab We Met' for the 100th time with the remote control in my hand, fighting to stay awake! Finally at half three, I announced that I would be making tea for everyone. Only dad raised his hand. So I walked lazily towards the kitchen, got out two of my favourite mugs- one for me, and one for dad (mine said 'boys are crap' and he got the one which said 'stressed' ). The tea was bubbling and my tea was listening to Micheal Jackson's 'Beat it!' from my Macbook in the kitchen. I gave dad his cup of tea, and hurried to my room with my cup as I had to make one more round to get my Macbook which was still  singing in the kitchen.

Since it was afternoon, the lights were off, and I very absently carried my mug in front of me, and suddenly, just as I walked around the corner, there was a big 'CHAPPPAAAAAAKKK;!!!

I didn't know what happened. Mansi, my sisterand I had a collission. It was a blind turning and it was dark. Both of us were so dazed, we just stood there staring at each other. All the tea from my cup had transported itself on our t-shirts. Soon there was 'Ouch! Ouch' in chorus. The tea had spilled on our stomachs and it was burning!

Urmi, my secong sister, was watching all the drama, walked away, shaking her head in disbelief, secretly smiling away!

Incidentally, last week, the same thing happened to dad. He was drinking some tea, and suddenly it spilled onto his shirt and he had to go to the doctor because his skin was burnt.

We heard mum yelling on her way to the accident spot in Gujarati, " Su karo cho tame loko! One after the other!! Ketli toofan masti!"

Very reluctantly we applied the dozens of ice cubes that mum gave us, on our tummies, hoping that it wouldn't get worse, coz mum threatened to take us to the doctor, and the last thing I wanted was a bandage! Whats more, mum said, "Drink up the tea before you spill it again!"

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