28 Sep 2009

Bollywood hungama

I took my parents to see a movie and all that was playing was 'What's ur rashee' (sheeeeee) 'Dil bole hadippa' (hmmmmm...whatever). Mum refused to see hadippa. Dad said, " rasheeee... eeeeee" So I used my veto and said, we go for the movie that starts first. Hadipppaaa!!! The movie was tolerable, very predictable, but what was left behind in my mind was this very silly song where Rani Mukherjee (a town girl) tells Shaheed Kapoor (from England) " disco wale khisko, chal desi beat bajaa!" lolz...lolz...when heard it first, I said this is atrocious! God! On second thoughts, I found it very apt (to the situation, where she was having a go at Shaheed for being 'vilaati munda' as she called it). Really crazy! Disco wale khisko??? lolz....Bollywood=leave your brains behind. Call it entertainment!

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