25 Sep 2009

Hokie - pokie

With so many ice- cream parlours in town, the ice-cream brands really have to work hard with constant innovation and availability of choice.

Gelato was a big hit when it first came- they had some 15 odd flavours, which soon became passe, coz they didn't keep up with it.

Next came Naturals, which was awesome- Natural ice- cream! Wow!! People went mad!

But even after a year (or two) they still have the same ice- creams they had before, without many noticeable additions. I've had most of the ice creams from Natural's- right from tender coconut to the melon to the lemon.

People want something new every time you go to a place! So it was one of those days when I just wanted to have an ice-cream! Must have. None of these places tempted me so I decided to go to Hokey Pokey to have something 'different'. I've been there before, but not enough to have eaten every ice-cream available there...ummm which one should I have? Manic Monkey? Monkey Business? Cookie Dough? I finally settled for the Apple crumble pie ice-cream, coz I thought, Apple pie? In an ice-cream? Strange. Sure enough, they mixed some 'French Vanilla' with roasted almonds, chocolate cookie and some form of apple (that goes into the pie). Was awesome!

What's more, it tasted nicer with a waffle cane with chocolate edges on the inside! I think this might just be my new ice-cream parlour of the month- till I get fed up of it!

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