7 Jul 2008

Logo for a networking website

Abhishek do you want this or should I keep this name for myself?


  1. Its a beauty for sure...
    Keep it in reserve for me
    of course copy right is with you as off now...
    I am looking at some more ideas...
    I really hope something kicks up ...

  2. lolz....im surprised you liked it actually! i was so sure id have the logo to myself....

  3. i hope you really like it enough for me to keep it aside. im open to criticism..so if you have a take on this one, let me know!
    im just saying that coz i thought you didnt like the name' locus' very much...but you see, i had to get it out of my system! it was stuck in my head and anyways, i believe it has the potential to work.

  4. if you want it, let me know, ill take it out from here and actually design one for you!
    this was just a thought right off my head!