30 Jun 2008

The magical touch

People always say that I am different and whatever I do, I do it in a unique way- be it celebrations, interests, travel, hobbies or art. While I was studying Advertising in London, I had developed a particular style-one which is informal, wacky, cartoony, (often in doodles) with a child- like feel to it. I would always come up with the weirdest and the quirkiest ideas and solutions, which would make anybody smile! Micheal, my tutor would not approve my campaigns if this little twist was missing. He called it the 'Jineesha touch' I gave to things. Soon it became popular among my class mates as well. It just made my work look so personal, that one could easily differentiate it from the rest. But what I'm happy about is the fact that it has become such an integral a part of me that it is automatically reflected in everything that I do! I hope this magic remains forever!

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