2 Dec 2013

Who's the Boss?

Have you ever noticed how dogs bark at passerby's, especially people with things on their head in India? And that too, for no rhyme or reason. Surprisingly, most dogs are scared of other dogs (when it comes to stepping into their territory), but wait till they see a passing cow mindlessly walking by, and the barking starts! I don't know what goes into them, or what they have against slowly moving cows, but it ticks off something in their brain and makes them go berserk! Maybe there's a short circuit that happens in their brain when they see a mooing cow pass by!

I thought of creating this doodle when Misty, our tiny office dog (Pomeranian by breed) was sizing up a huge, slow moving,spotted black cow, which was almost the size of our gate. It's ironic how such a huge monster could get scared of something so miniature and petite!

 It seems like these cow pass by every day in the afternoon, as I always hear Misty bark at that time. Maybe they have a fixed time for a stroll. Everytime you hear Misty bark, you know its a passer-by cow (since she is too scared to bark at anything else!)

 It is amusing to see cows act like a COWards when they face dogs! :P :P :P Now that's a pun with a top score!

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