25 Nov 2013

Some colour for my pretty plants!

I like to do things the unconventional way. Regular is so boring. Even if its as small as a tiny sapling.
I don't like calling a pot, a pot! But since I wanted one for some new window plants, I had to find a way around it. And then lightning struck! Flashback happened!

As a child, I remember the local milkman who would come home, with a pencil stuck above his ear and a yellow card in his hand. I would always be amused by the long ladles he would have in different sizes and how he could raise it really high and pour out the milk in style!

Since I wanted tiny plants which I could hang on a window in my living room, what better what better way to hang them than these long ladles!

So I looked all over Bangalore for these aluminium milk ladles and only found round scoop ladles made of steel. Finally I pestered my mum to get the local milkman in Mumbai to buy some on our behalf. It seemed like the entire milkman community was curious as to why we would want these milk ladles, as they wondered what on earth would someone use them for, except for milk. Surely they are getting into the milk business, they thought!

Our milkman kept asking my mum what she wanted them for. Since she didn't know what, for the life of me, I needed them for, she promised to show him a picture, once I was done. This picture is for him!

Now that I have coloured these ladles in bright acrylic colours, all I need to do is drill a hole at the bottom and buy some soil and seeds for tiny herb plants. I painted some black colour on to write names of the herbs once I know which ones I plant!

I'm sure somebody is relieved that I'm not into the milk business!

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