7 Oct 2013

Meet Mirindaaaaa!!!

Meet Mirinda, the new addition to my living room! Come Christmas time and everyone's generous with presents- especially if you don't know the person you are gifting it to!
Yes, I'm talking about Santa time- that too, a secret one.

We played Secret Santa during Christmas at my workplace at Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore and I got the most awesome present from somebody I had never interacted with before. He was a guy working in the digital studio. What's more, he was so amazed, at all the limelight he received after, from all the girls who went up to him and said he was so thoughtful and bought just the right present for a girl!

I absolutely loved my Christmas present- I  mean who wouldn't? It's so lovable and ORANGE!! :) Happiness, I say! I had kept Mirinda on my office desk for a few days, as people wanted to come and get photographed with him.

What I love the most about him is an orange body and blue legs. He has such nice, long ears and a flat, black nose, chubby cheeks and small eyes- just as cute and quirky as I like it!

Let me tell you how he got such a brilliant name. It's courtesy Sid. He has this knack of naming things and people aptly, in a way thats fun!

When I got home, I proudly showed Sid my Secret Santa present and he exclaimed, "It's so damn orange, let's name him Mirindaaaaaaahhh, after the orange drink!"
And that my friends, has been the brightest spark in my living room, ever since. Mirindaaaa! :)

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