20 Aug 2013

Sweet innovation!

The other day, I walked into a local mithai store right opposite my office just to buy some 'farsaan' (salted munchies). What took my attention away was what was displayed in the glass cabinet. Sweet toothed that I am, my eyes immediately caught the label that read 'Bournvita Barfi', 'Horlicks Pedha', etc and my eyes gleamed with delight and my face lit up with a smile! I, being in the creative industry, always thought that we probably were the only ones who needed to be compulsively creative all the time, until I saw this. It made me think how every person has to be innovative at their job, no matter what kind of job it is. It has to be new, interesting, innovative, with constant variety and has to catch the consumer's attention. Just to appreciate the creativity, I almost bought a piece of the new mithai, when I got a phone call asking me to get 'Diet chiwda' on the way!

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