12 Aug 2013

100 feet under

We had friends from Mumbai visit us on a weekend and we wanted to take them out to a really nice place for lunch. I had been to the 100 feet restaurant on 100 feet road, Indiranagar before for a client meeting, but did not have anything to eat as the conversation was for precisely 10 minutes, and despite it being lunch time, I had to use common sense not to order. "Never mind. Next time", I said.

 The next time happened this time, when we decided to take our friends there for lunch. I was sure of the ambience. I wasn't sure of the food! Well, you never try, you never know!

 When we reached the restaurant, we ordered a mocktail, and a Gin 'n Tonic to begin with, before ordering the main course. It took them more than 45 minutes to get it!!! Wonder if they sent their staff to the market to buy it! Thankfully, we were not so hungry and we skipped the starters, which would have taken forever to start (pun intended).

They had a Greek Food Festival running there- which wasn't particularly Greeky! Never mind.

 We ordered a Margarita pizza,a Greek Salad, a fish dish and another dish between the four of us. Needless to say, it took them a decade to bring the food from their kitchen to the table. I could have flown to Mumbai in that time! We waited more and ate less, simple because by then our appetite had died and the food wasn't worth the price.

 Oh! Did I mention how unreasonable expensive it was- considering that they even got the CHEESE on the Margarita wrong!!! We paid almost around 500rs for a plain cheese pizza, in which, there were precisely two tiny pieces of tomato!

 I won't complain about the Greek Salad. It was nice, but again, having just a few pieces of veggies and bits of lettuce for around 500 rs, topped with pathetic service doesn't do justice and makes you feel like you've just been robbed.

 We had looked up the menu online, and no prices are mentioned either on Zomato or on their website. For that matter, I feel like throwing a 'tomato' at 'Zomato' for giving it a good review!

 This place needs to dig a pit 100 feet deep and build a restaurant there, as thats where its place is. The phrase, 'Never judge a book by it's cover' holds true for this place.

 Tell you what, the worse part is, I'm not sure if even the Gin was what it should have been, considering that I didn't even feel marginally happy after having it and Jin doesn't like it if the Gin ain't up to its mark :P

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