25 Oct 2012

Review of Cafe Boca Grande, Bangalore

At 6.30 am on a beautiful October Sunday morning, when the sky was overcast and the wind was gusty, Sid and I shook off some sleep and hopped on to our cycles for an early morning ride to Cubbon Park. We couldn't have chosen a better day. We returned at about 8ish- finished and famished!

But to expect a nice breakfast place to be open at such wee hours on Sunday is like asking for the moon! Bangalore is lazy on Sundays.

So here's what we did- we actually came home and googled for breakfast places. Had we not found a place, I would have eaten up my precious crockery (joking!).

Enter picture- Cafe Boca Grande.

Google says this place opens at 8.30 am on weekends. So we zipped across to 8th Block, Koramangala, near Bethany High School, all set to devour some English breakfast.

Here are some reactions from me:

First glimpse of the logo- scowl (The designer in me lets out a cry!)

The outside space- "Lucky guy! Sww-eeeeeeetttt" (followed by a whistle).

 As you walk in- Shrug- "It's empty!"

 As I see the posters- "Baaaaddd!! baddddd copywriter. The posters don't make sense!"

 The buffet spread- "Yaa ba da ba dooo! Attttacccckkkkk!!!"

When I actually eat- "Really? Is this the big deal?"

So here's what you get-
The Sunday English breakfast, which is priced at Rs 299, was really averagely, mediocre. I could bet on my beloved macbook that the croissant was definitely 3 days old, as it was this close to going stale. The live omlette counter was a disappointment too-it reminded me of the experience of buying a Subway sandwich in India- where you have to keep asking the staff to 'add more olives, please'. The waffles were offered cold and had to be asked to be heated before being served. The juice was concentrate (Oh! Was it a crime to expect fresh fruit juice?). The only good this was the ready bottled maple syrup. I thought to myself," How wrong can you go with filter coffee?" and lo! The coffee didn't go well with me either and left me with a funny tummy. Luckily, we didn't break our backs, which was quite possible, thanks to the uncomfortable seats.

 To top it all, what added to the disappointment was the sight of the opposite table with plates full of food, wasted. It annoys me to see people waste food, when half our country is starving! And it's a shame that parents do this. I can't expect much from the kids then!

Besides, only Enrique songs gets to be the lucky one a to bug you early in the morning with his songs playing in the background.

We still polished off every speck of food on the plate because we were really famished after the cycle ride, but ask me if I would go there voluntarily, and you will hear me say, "Beda saar!"              

(Credits for pictures: Courtesy- Internet and the Boca website).

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