17 Oct 2012

Cafe Thulp: Restaurant review

Cafe Thulp is a popular hangout not only for college-going teens, but also for young adults with/ wo kids. The bright red colour signage catches your eye instantly. If you walk in, you will find large, chunky tables around, a book rack hosting some comic books, an Enid Blyton collection, board games, etc. The cafe has a comic- book style look, which is very impressive, unique and fun. Somehow, the weird doodle of a pair of eyes and a big nose painted on the wall, is quite amusing too! (See photograph).

While the menu is interesting and the food is to die for, the names of the dishes are devilishly crafted. The menu card serves is definitely an entertainer.  

The only disappointment is the menu card design, which is so cluttered and busy, that you have to struggle to read the description of the food. I almost asked for a Saridon, since I started to believe that I was getting a headache. Finally, I gave up and ordered for something that was marked 'vegetaraian'. Unfortunately, I cannot remember reading the name, but I devoured the food like I've not eaten in ten days! Absolutely delectable. If I remember right, it was mozzarella cheese/ sour cream with aubergine cooked in red sauce with spagetti served with garlic bread, mashed potato and salad.

Here are some pictures I took of the menu card and the food that I ordered, absolutely delicious, mouthwatering and heavenly. I for sure, am definitely going again!

Here are some more pictures I borrowed from the internet as it was too dark to click a picture when I visited (Credits to photographers, I hope you don't mind).

Here are maps for location details from their jarring red website:

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  1. I like red to add vivid to a decor/scheme, but too much red makes it hostile and adversarial - Dad