31 Mar 2012

A cooked up commercial for Pepsodent v/s Polo

I woke up in the morning, only to find that there was no water supply today. No bath is ok, its Saturday, but how do I brush my teeth? Idea! I pop in two polo mints and head out of the house and I thought, waaaaitttt...what a 'real- life incident' commercial for Polo! So here I am, first thing in my office, writing the script for the TVC, just for kicks!
Here it goes!

Product: Nestle Polo
Theme: Pepsodent v/s Polo
Date: March 31, 2012
Subject: TVC script

The alarm rings and a 28 year old guy with 'centre shock hair' and boxers sleepwalks to the bathroom.
He stands with his eyes closed in front of the wash basin, runs the tap with his eyes closed and feels the temperature of the water by swaying his hands under the tap. (In fast forward motion, like an everyday drill)

He scowls and opens his eyes. The pepsodent is staring helplessly at him.
He thinks of his meeting and yelps.
Suddenly, he snaps his fingers, jumps and pops a polo in his mouth.

Cut to the meeting. He sits next to a woman.
MVO: "Hi, did I miss anything?".
FVO: "Kaunsa toothpaste?", she asks, ignoring the presentation.
He pulls out a polo and says,
MVO:"Nestle Polo, the mint with the hole" and winks!

Narrator's Voiceover with a product shot: "Nestle Polo, the moth freshener that does not run on water".

Narrator's Voiceover: "Note: This commercial is based on a real life incident and any co-incident with everything dead or living is intentional."

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  1. pitch it to the polo guys...makes complete sense!!!