2 Feb 2012

Who says that spas are only for humans?

Saw the elephants bathe at the Dubbare Elephant Camp while we were returning from a weekend holiday in Coorg. Was such a beautiful sight to see the elephants relax and enjoy the scrub, as if they had signed up for a spa treat. The mahut (the elephant's personal caretaker) was giving him a proper bath with an actual scrub that we use to brush clothes and was instructing the elephant to roll on to the other side, which he would obediently follow. Occassionally, the elephant would snort and move his trunk about, splashing water on the trigger happy people who surrounded him, trying to take a picture of their loved ones with the elephant. The tourists would all go 'Whooooooo' and run 10 paces back, only to return to watch the show. Seeing the elephants enjoy themselves put a smile on my face :)

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