29 Feb 2012

My short film: The Skipping Rhyme

Here is the rough cut version of the much awaited short- film that I made during my film making and script writing course in Bangalore conducted by Manjushree Abhinav.

The film has gone through a journey of lots of trials and tribulations- torn pages, scratched out stories, aimless beginnings, attempt at comedy, tragedy, suspense, and not to forget- Bollywood masala, lot of working and re-working, burning the midnight oil and talking about life and experiences, introspection, philosophical conversations, tweaks and touches to the story, hearings in class, change of dialogues, last minute production, white poster colour for our actor's hair, recording sounds by hiding inside the car, scribbling on the wall, the entire team, lots of chai and lots of tears on the sets too :)...moments which actually make the film real. These are things I will remember the movie for.

This film is a story about an old man, who seeks answers from life in many things, and finally gets an answer from a small child. This film is very close to me, not only because it is my first film but also because its about something that I have discovered during my own internal quest.

Request you to connect your speakers, as the sound on this file is low. I will be uploading the final cut version soon.Please don't forget to leave your comments and suggestions and let me know what you thought about the story.

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