22 Nov 2011

The king of chaats

Mango at its best!
I'm a total maniac when it comes to chaats, especially the street chaats, much to the annoyance of my mom.
Bangalore is a total loser when it comes to making chaat, and worse still is when they name the chaat stall as 'Bombay Chaat'! The UPites say Bombaites don't know how to make chaat, and the Bombaites say that the Bangaloreans don't know how to make chaat, but this one time Sid and I went to this horrible place called the Innovative Film City in Bangalore (don't go there, its not even close to ...remember, I said 'horrible'). Anyways, coming back to the point, we stopped at a chaat cart, looked up the menu and, as always, I wanted to try something that I had never had before. "Saar, undo mango chaat! Undo Congress Mix!" 
And next, the chaatwala cut up huge pieces of raw mango, much to my delight, and added the unexpected. It was a tadka of rye and a few masalas. He stuck a toothpick on one of the cubes and here we go! We had one bite and it was totally 'Oh My God!'.
The beauty of this simple chaat was that the mango is slightly on the sweeter side and the rye masala tadka was spicy. Brilliant combination.
"Once more Saar, I say!"

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