14 Sep 2011

my first day at work, where my brain refused to work!

This was my state of mind on my first day at work in Bangalore, where my brain refused to work without some steaming hot tea or coffee and I had to wait till late afternoon for the chai to arrive in a flask. By the time it was 3 o' clock, I was like a fish without water!

A conditioned coffee / tea addict (thanks to my previous workplace in Mumbai, where we all discovered that the purpose of life was very simply- to 'live to eat'. The first thing I used to do when I would get to office to rub off the sleep and get over the trauma of travelling in the 'ladies compartment' in the local trains, where you either get crushed, pushed, mauled, abused (or all of it together), was to grab a cup of hot tea or coffee (my mind got to choose which one it fancied at that point of time), call up Reliable Digital Printers on the ground floor of our office and ask for, "chaar ghoda biscuit (Anzac Oatmeal biscuits), do haathi biscuit (Raagi biscuits) aur teen cardboards (Marie biscuits)! Nahi...yeh sab meri akeli ke liye nahi hai, poori office ke liye hai!"
Ah! How I miss that 'Jinee's Biscuit Mart' and the Happy Meal toys desk in chlorophyll! 

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