22 May 2010

Bollywood overdose

Friday morning on my way to work: Random thought bubbles. Water skiing course. Buy a new handbag in which I can carry more things that I don't need. Rain. Strawberry sondesh. The sun-glasses I forgot to carry. Guitar lessons. Save money. Buy a lottery, then own a company, be my own boss and sack pesky clients. Car brakes. Jolt! Rude shock.

Work. Eat. Trying to beat the heat. In that order.

So I step out for ice cream during lunch, with my cell phone and a 100 rupee note. Delicious yellow butterscotch ice- cream was awaiting me. As I was walking back, contemplating another ice cream, something fell off my hand and fell on to the pavement. When I looked around, guess where I saw it? My 100 rupee note had fallen at the lottery ticket stall just under God's photo frame!

Booiiinngg!!! Boiinnggg!! Boiiinggg!! The antennas started sticking out of my head.

How strange that I thought of it in the morning! It was a surely a sign from above! (Like they show in Karan Johar movies). So I was in the middle of this very filmy situation where I picked up the note and looked up at the lottery seller, hesitated and asked him for a ticket. Here is an excerpt from our conversation.

Jineesha:"How much?"
Lottery-wala:"10 rupees"
Jineesha:"Which one do I buy?"
Lottery-wala:"Take any one"
Jineesha:"What is the difference between them? There is a yellow one, pink one, green one, brown and red one? How do I know which one to take?"
Lottery-wala:"Arre, take any one. Makes no difference".

Jineesha:(the designer in me is thinking). Now, yellow is too jhataakk (bright) but has a lil' tinge of green. The CMYK is not correct.
The green one is too dark and the letters in black aren't clearly visible.
Pink, it's definitely not me- plus, it reminds me of Barbie.
Brown-eeeewww! I'd never win with a brown coloured ticket.

Jineesha:"May I have the red one please?"

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  1. So what did you end up doing with the 21 L with the red ticket?