3 Mar 2010

The Giant

Again old memories came back to me when I visited Kolkata. Papa reminded me that we had gone to see a very old Banyan tree in the heat. And I wanted to re-visit. So off we went on a misson- to see the Great Banyan Tree. Once we paid for the tickets and went inside, we kept following the signboards, but we saw no sight of the tree. 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, no Banyan Tree and no way out! We had no choice but to walk till the end of the Botanical Garden and there it was! What a sight! It looked like a garden with a 100 trees stuck together forming a big circle. And right behind it was another entry gate. I felt so foolish. Had we bought the tickets from Gate 2, the first thing we would have seen is this!

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