24 Feb 2010


I was attending my best friend's wedding in Kolkata and I was tempted to eat some of the street food as Kolkata is a food place. Her cousins took me to a place called Vardhaan' near Park Street where there is a wide variety of food ranging from aloo tikki (potato pattie) to 'jhaal' (garnished puffed rice) to kulfi (Indian ice- cream).  I completely freaked out and was amused at the same time, because we don't get the same street food in Bombay. What we also had was 'khus' sherbat. I did not know what 'khus' means in English, so I just asked Google Uncle, "what is khus called in English?" and it said "Poppy Seeds". Now the thing is, 'khus' isn't a very cool thing and the reason why I liked this drink was because I did not know what it was made of. When I was told it was this 'not- so- cool- thing', it was too late to change my mind! lolz...besides, I was pleased with the style of presentation- in an earthen glass! We do care about the earth around here. I actually asked for 10 of these glasses and the owner happily obliged :)

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