8 Dec 2009

how to go on a holiday

Announce your plans to everybody, so that you are driven to make preps now that half the world knows. (izzat ka sawaal hai!) You'd better go. By the time you think of planning it, its already time to go. So you quickly ask for leave, read up loads of blogs, try to D.I.Y, even when you know its beyond you. You mentally make a list of all the basic ( and fancy) things you will need for your trip. Then the to- do list keeps piling up & you give up & call a tour operator and get the bookings done for the acco and transport. Then we all argue on what to see and where to go. Finally we run out of time, and say,"Let's see when we get there". Then we run- here, there, everywhere- to buy snacks, find the backpacks, buy new shoes/ slippers, a couple of loose tees, toileteries, inform everyone we know, make a mess of the house, and then clean it up again. One of us has to fall sick just before the trip. so a visit to the doc before the trip is a routine. Then we stay up all night transferring stuff from one bag to another coz nothing fits. In between, we also keep losing stuff, find it and lose it again!
Something has to go wrong just before the departure (as a rule). Like for instance, this time, a pipeline burst in Thane just the day before we were scheduled to leave. Central lines were disrupted and almost 20- 30 outstatin trains were cancelled. We didn't know whom to call and what do do, coz our train was for 7.00 am the next morning. We figured that the train would depart at 11.00 am. At 10.00 am, we got to knw that it would depart at 4.50 pm. So we made more phone calls, took a nap, arranged some more stuff in the bags and all that jazz, and guess what, at 4.15, we were running to catch our train! What a shame it would be to miss a train that is late! We reached the station 6 minuted before departure and guess what! No sign of the train. The damn thing finally moved at 6.30pm, only to be late by 11 hours on the way, following the Indian Standard Time!

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