8 Dec 2009

Brain drain in the train

We had been dreading the two - day journey from mumbai to Guwahati, but we decided to go by train, coz the flight tickets were expensive. Fortonately, our tickets were confirmed and we settled in, only to find ourselves surrounded by toddlers of all kinds - the cranky ones, the noisy ones, the notorious ones and the ones that refuse to sleep. The minute i put away all the bags, one kid started kicking me with her feet, the other one started chattering away in a language that i didnt understand. The third one kept crying coz she didnt want to sleep- so finally her mum gave up and went off to sleep, leaving the wailing baby for us to quieten. Dad and me spent a lot of time at the door, breathing in fresh oxgen (feel stuffed in AC coaches except for summer). We kept getting down at major stations for a stroll and then wait for the signal to go green, to hop back into the train. The kids provided enuff entertainment throught and when they would get hyper, we would play a movie on the laptop which dad had cleverly decided to carry along, just for fun. Soon we had the whole compartment laughing away while watching the Bollwood movies (we had speakers too!) The crowd just loved it. Soon there was a competiton as somebod else also had a laptop which plaed old hindi songs which were a big boar for the kids.
What was cool was that we were actally using google maps to locate where we were in the evenings (coz  you can't see outside the window). My kaka (uncle) was amazed at this sort of technology. Besides, i dont know what it is with people living abroad. The are more desi than us! Why would the be so amazed to see me online in a train? i said simple! i have an internet usb! Apparently it was a shocker for them. Never mind!
We were getting frustrated now, coz the train started off late in the first place, to top it up, it was moving like a shuttle train- stopping at ever station. i couldv'e walked all the way to Guwahati and still reached faster. Never mind again. We were worried coz our driver was supposed to wait for us with his vehicle to receive us at the station. our train was 11 hours late and we reached at 4.00 am in the morning on the third day. We were still thinking we were in the train even after we got off! lolz!

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