14 Oct 2009

On another planet

I was gifted a nice blue tent big enough for four people by my boss and I have kept it in my Nashik house so that I can open it up on the terrace every time I go there. What's more it has a green cover for the rains. Setting up the tent was a huge task initially but practice makes you perfect and I think we did a good job considering that we put it up almost in darkness. All the light we had was from a tiny dim bulb on the terrace. Meanwhile, we also set up the telescope. We left Mumbai with skymaps and charts and computer prints. We ain't no experts (dad and me)- just wanna be astronomers/ star gazers). It was an awesome feeling. We saw the moon and Saturn or Jupiter (I don't recall which one) and my cousins, parents and me sat and played cards and ate ice- cream on the terrace. Soon after, everyone started yawning and went off to bed, while I was still enthu about my tent. So I took up one of my favourite books - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and read for a while. My tent has an opening at the top and I could see the stars over my head- I was in my own world, completely captivated by the sight and the silence, except of the night insects. I was listening to Bryan Adams 'Cloud Number 9' (which is my favv song) and it was just perfect! I felt like a happy camper camping in the forests and gazing at the stars at night- except that in reality, I was in my house. I even tried to take pictures of the stars that I saw overhead, but all I got was a big black patch!
Here are some pictures- the first one being my favourite!

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