11 Aug 2008

My weekend in Devlali

I'm back from my holiday in Devlali. I had a wonderful weekend.
I joined my family on Saturday morning. I took the train and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I got a warm welcome from Tiger, our care- taker's pet dog. Very eager to do everything, I started chalking out plans. Despite the rains, I insisted that we go to Deolali Gliding Club and take a ride on the micro light plane and make some enquiries about flying lessons. Upon reaching there, we realized that helicopter training was being given to the army and hence, the gliding sessions were cancelled. Sad. Next, I thought I could start putting up my tent on the terrace, before it would get dark. But Dad said that we took the tent back to Mumbai the last time we came. Flop! OK. So I decided to open the big brown box containing the 'Hornby train set' and play with the train. That too went to Mumbai, the last time. It was pointless to set up the telescope as the sky was cloudy. I was disappointed, so dad took us for a drive to the river-side and promised to take us to see 'Singh is King' at a theatre in Nashik. That too, has a story. We booked the tickets at a cyber cafe on the way and they gave us a receipt which we had to produce at the theatre. We were late anyway, because we had guests at home. The ticket said 'Fame Adlabs'. But when we reached there, we realized we were at the wrong theatre. We were at Inox. Fame was 3 km ahead. Since we were late, dad drove at full speed and we were joking on the way, when dad suddenly realized that the hand- brake was on. OMG! He was fuming all throughout the movie, wondering who left it on! (It wasn't me). Despite that, we had a good time. It was still pouring the next morning, so we had to stay indoors. I decided to dismantle the telescope and assemble it all over again. We spent the next few hours trying to bathe Tiger with dettol-water. Urmi and I played all the tricks we could. I finally hid behind the door outside the garden, while Urmi tried to bring him outside, and I quickly poured water over him. I caught him completely unaware and he disappeared for the next few hours. After lunch, we packed and set off for Mumbai. I decided to drive till the highway. I enjoyed the drive thoroughly and stopped on the way to click pictures. Soon we hit the highway and the roads were really bad. It was raining like crazy and it took us seven hours to reach Mumbai instead of four. We were so refreshed, but by the time we got home, we were completely exhausted. It was the end of a lovely weekend full of peace and quiet. Sigh! Tomorrow's Monday which means we will be back to the grind.

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