6 Aug 2008

High hopes

This weekend I'm off to Deolali (Nashik) with my family. It's been a while since I went home. While it's supposed to be 'Family time', what I'm actually looking forward to will boggle your mind! I'm going to take flying lessons!!! Yahooooooo!!! Well, I should'nt Yahoooo.....too soon. I'm just going to go and make enquiries while I'm there. Nashik has a military base and the Deolali Gliding Club offers 3- month courses, which I intend to take up. Very enthusiastically, I have downloaded sky charts of the sky map for Nashik. I shall put up my tent and my telescope and gaze into the starry sky!! Well, I'm being over-ambitious, as its the rainy season and I might end up doing neither. In that case, I shall just enjoy the weather and do nothing, for a change! As of now, I have lost my e- ticket at the last minute (I don't know how things just vanish into the thin air! It was there yesterday). I should go find it, lest I have to stay back.

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