17 Jul 2008

kiddie stuff

This reminds me of my childhood days. I would paint all the wrong colours while creating landscapes and ask why only blue for the sky? I want it green! And I would be so proud of the new world that I created!
Similar thing happened to me by accident while I was creating another identity and this is what it turned out to be instead!


  1. This is so refreshing.. I like the whole idea of mixing colors around.. Just like the whole world is "going Green".. And the other tag that I like these days is "the new black is green "

  2. On second thoughts, the green coloured sun is a good way to promote the fight against global warming, because now we have substituted the warm orange with the cool, refreshing green!

    Thx to you, I have a campaign idea now!
    Watch out for it. It shall be my next post!