17 Jul 2008

My home

My house is crazzzyyyy and I love it that way!
Obviously my sisters and I have made it into a complete madhouse!

We sing and dance in our own innovative ishtyle (the classic one is our Dupatta Dance), we wear crazy masks in cars and scare people on our way to picnics, jump off mountains, hit annoying people with tennis balls, gobble food like gluttons and behave so irrational and silly that people sometimes just leave the three of us alone. Our jokes are fantastic, way beyound anybody's understanding. We are the best team in the world!



  1. what about fighting over shoes ; )

  2. all included!!! lolzzz...
    there's a lot more that I can't mention.

  3. yea! triputi really rocks.. proud to be a a part of the gang..! and i love to annoy people around me specially the masks... lol lol happy buddayyyy and we really dressed up as crime master gogo and went to the airport..! i love being a whacko!