7 Jul 2008

This one is for Deeshi

Deeshi, this one if for you!
You wanted me to create a logo for you, isn't it?
Well here it is! Sorry this is just a scribble, so it doesn't look as good. But I could'nt wait to show it to you.
If you like it, I can design it for you!
I have used Ketan bhai's and your initials, which together form lil' Kush. This one has Kush's eyes.

You could use this as a 'Family signature'.


  1. Hi deeshI,
    lolz...there is no 'l' on the right....im sorry i was just doodling. its a 'd' in lower case. the alphabet on the right is a 'k' and the lil' one with the eyes and curly hair is little kush!
    its just k & d forming a lil' kush!
    i know its like a formal logo, and i actually didnt sit down to do it seriously...i was just scribbling away and came up with something cute.

  2. Oh i see.. Thanks!!! That is so cute.. I understand how it all fits now :) u r awesome..