24 Jun 2008

Why I love my logo

My logo explained: When I started out creating a logo for myself, I was inquisitive to know how designers generally create personal logos. But they never really appealed to me. They looked so inhuman! Just as corporate logos should reflect the personality and nature of the brand, personal logos should reflect the personality of the individual, too!
So I sat down to think-what is it about me? Who am I? What do I want? What is this one thing about me that sets me apart?
When I was brain storming, what pleased me was that I could think of not one, not two, but so many things!
I thought said ot myself that Jineesha loves so many things, has so many interests, wants to do everything in life and is as curious as a cat! There are so many sides to my personality, that I just could not put it all into one visual element.
Finally I succeeded in capturing my personality! My logo...My name! And whats more...its all about ME!
I have a spaceship in the 'i', as I am an explorer at heart. I always wanted to be an astronaut and travel into space.
I believe I have a magnetic personality, and I tend to make a lot of friends wherever I go. Hence, the magnet.
The two 'e's are alien antennas. I think I am an alien in this ordinary world. The 's' is a bolt of lightening. I have bright ideas. There is a spark in me! The 'h' is in the shape of a shoe. I love shoes... they are never enough! The 'a' is a cloud. I am a dreamer. My baseline says adventure, travel, space, shoes, ideas.
I think its very quirky. But as Micheal says, its got the 'Jineesha touch' to it! Its just so 'me', everytime I see, I know it has my personality and it is completely original. I have created this in my style-cartoony, scribbly, casual and quirky.
Some people looked at it and said," Oh my God Jini, thats so you!!", while others thought it was just so radical, that it didn't look like a logo at all. But this is my logo, and it's about the way I am! Its real. It's alive!
I just love it! And what's more, it put a smile on everyone's face!


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2008

    i love your logo too! its descibes u perfectly inthuja xxx

  2. I love your Logo Jineesha.. Its so original and has a happy feel to it :) Maybe you can make mine too !! haha just kidding. You rock girl :)

  3. The doodling is nhhuiice :-)

  4. Glad you liked it!
    Its very satisfying to know that people like your work!

    Keep up the motivation!