2 Jun 2008

My tiny li'l useless invention

Have you ever faced a situation where your flights have been delayed due to cloudy weather or fog? Sounds familiar? Now here's a little cloud-eater which can be sent during foggy weather, prior to the departure of the flights to eat up all the clouds and clear the way! No more clouds! No more flight delays! Just the bright blue carpet for you to fly on!


  1. Dhvani Bavishi (ur batchmate frm Auxilium)July 21, 2008

    Hey Jineesha..

    Really creative I must say!! How do u manage so many drawings?? Please educate me on tht.. I can get negative points whn it comes to creativity ;)

  2. Actually, this may be a brilliant idea. We have got rainmakers, which seed clouds, etc. I have no idea what goes on, but they must make water vapour coagulate into droplets, and these become too heavy to float around, and so on. Considering the money and time wasted, why can't we seed fogs. But then you'd need the seeding plane to go up. How'd you do that? Perhaps one can send up ballons.